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The Juggernaut


- A 2x72" abrasive belt grinder, specialized for knifemaking

- The Juggernaut functions as a vertical grinder, or it can be reoriented as a horizontal grinder

- A modular set of components can be configured for different table positions

- All components can be readjusted quickly with adjustable-orientation handles

- Ratcheting belt tensioner

- Magnetic-mount flat platen can be replaced without adjusting angle

- Platen options include hardened D-2 tool steel (HrC 55), 1/8" felt, and leather

- Adjustable belt tracking

- All threaded components that are continuously adjusted during use are replaceable

- 1.5 HP motor and VFD speed controller

- Tool arm width and belt spacing fully compatible with Travis Wuertz's TW-90 grinder (1.25" tool bar, 0.375" belt spacing)

Thanks to Austin Roche and Nick Heys for CAM and for reviewing my designs.

A special note: this machine was inspired by Travis Wuertz's TW-90 grinder. I used many of his excellent ideas, and built upon them. During the process, I gained immense respect for the man - and the work that he put in making his grinder what it is today. I am truly standing on the shoulders of giants.

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